World Homocystinurias Awareness Day

About World Homocystinurias Awareness Day

May 18 is World Homocystinurias Awareness Day. World Homocystinurias Awareness Day is an initiative of patient organisations and consortia globally who have a focus on the homocystinurias. The main objective of World Homocystinurias Awareness Day is to raise global awareness of the homocystinurias and their impact on patients’ lives. We aim to achieve greater disease awareness through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities focused on the homocystinurias.

In its first year, May 18 aims to give special attention to this group of disorders to enable greater disease understanding and greater awareness of the challenges they present to patients and the families that care for them. World Homocystinurias Awareness Day can be used to alert the homocystinuria community to services available to them, it can ignite conversations and prompt visibility within the wider community. World Homocystinurias Awareness Day can lead to greater understanding of this group of disorders amongst family and friends and greater awareness amongst health professionals leading to earlier diagnosis; the key to improving access to treatment and care.

We invite you to join the global movement to spread the word about the homocystinurias and help us acknowledge this day. There are many ways you can show your support for World Homocystinurias Day including:

  1. Be seen by wearing the World Homocystinurias Awareness Day lapel pin.
  2. Share the official logo by adding to your social media profile picture or email signature.
  3. Participating in the ‘Colour me Blue’ virtual challenge by downloading the #GoBlue4HCU cut out and
    posting with the hashtag #GoBlue4HCU and #WHAD2022.
  4. Share our key fact tiles on social media during the lead up and on May 18
  5. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. For all social media posts, remember to use the official
    hashtags #WHAD2022 and #GoBlue4HCU and tag @hcuglobalaware
    @HCUNetworkAustralia @HCUNetworkAmerica @cblCOnlus @maesmetabolicas
  6. Share the ‘Understanding my Diagnosis’ awareness day video
  7. Donate in support of World Homocystinurias Awareness Day. Your donation will be used by the organiser of World Homocystinurias Awareness Day, HCU Network Australia, to support research for the homocystinurias.
  8. Join our webinar ‘Navigating the Homocystinurias’ to learn how patients, parents and caregivers manage the homocystinurias.

Download all the materials you need to raise awareness on World Homocystinurias Awareness Day:

Social Media Assets

Printable Materials

World Homocystinurias Awareness Day Materials

Educational Videos

World Homocystinurias Awareness Day Short Intro Video

May 2022
Duration: 2min

World Homocystinurias Awareness Day Full Video

May 2022
Duration: 15min

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World Homocystinurias Awareness Day