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Application Guidelines / Terms and Conditions

HCU Network Australia welcome applications for its 2021 research and education travel fellowships. These grants are intended to foster professional development and continued learning opportunities for scientists and/or health professionals to improve the health and wellbeing of children and adults with Homocystinuria (HCU).

The principal aim is to encourage education, research and professional development for those interested in obtaining further HCU education or presenting relevant work at national or international conferences. Nurses, scientists, clinicians and other health care professionals working in either a clinical or research environment in Australia are eligible to apply.

Applications will be called for once per year, with up to $3,000 available.  The maximum amount that will be awarded to an individual for travel in Australia or New Zealand will be $750 and the maximum for travel to other overseas locations will be $3,000. The Fellowship(s) awarded are at the sole discretion of HCU Network Australia’s Executive Committee.

Deadline for submission of applications

Travel Fellowship 2020: 31st January 2021 for travel in the following 12 months.

The applications must meet the criteria described below. They will be reviewed by HCU Network Australia’s Executive Committee, whose decision will be final. No further discussion with the applicants will take place. It is expected that decisions on the fellowships will be made within four weeks of applications closing.

The Fellowship may be used for costs of flights, accommodation, or meeting registration. It will be paid in a single installment following receipt of proof in the form of receipts or directly to suppliers at the discretion of the approving group. Applicants are expected to purchase economy class airfares and choose cheaper accommodation options if appropriate. Anticipated expenditure on individual items must be clearly specified in the application.

We understand that these Fellowships may not cover the entire costs of the travel and we encourage applicants to supplement them by applying to other funding bodies, seeking conference travel grants, utilizing professional development allowances or other personal funding.


The following guidelines should be considered before submitting the application:

  • The conference/meeting/workshop for which grants are sought must have a substantial HCU component.
  • Applicants attending conferences, meetings or workshops for the purpose of educational development or training must clearly explain in the application how this event will help them develop professional skills required for their care of HCU patients or help them in their work aimed at helping those living with HCU.
  • Applicants attending conferences for purpose of presenting research or clinical findings need to submit proof of abstract acceptance for oral or poster presentation and must be the presenting author. Any presentation given needs to acknowledge funding support from HCU Network Australia.
  • Applicants should be willing to present at HCU Network Australia-sponsored events and share the knowledge they have gained with other health care professionals and the HCU community.
  • Applicants must provide a 2 page lay language report about the conference/training for the HCU Network Australia newsletter/website/media promotion within 1 month of returning.


Applications must consist of:

A CV no longer than 4 pages that must include the following details:

  • Name of applicant
  • Current position (i.e. clinician, nurse, researcher)
  • Institution
  • Supervisor
  • Education background (highest previous qualification/date of award/institution and current degree being pursued if applicable)
  • List of publications or clinical experience relating to working with HCU
  • Previous grants and awards if available


A covering letter from the applicant which includes:

  • Proposed dates, the cost of travel, accommodation and/or registration and a statement regarding relevant financial reasons for requesting meeting travel support.
  • Information about any other approved or outstanding applications to other funding bodies for the same travel.
  • For a conference: A description of the conference, a copy of any submitted abstract, and a personal statement highlighting how the applicant’s research/development would be enhanced by attending the conference.
  • For education/training activities: A description of the topics that will be covered during the meeting, how they relate to HCU, why is it important for the applicant to attend and how those topics would benefit the professional development of the individual and future care of patients with HCU.
  • A description of how the applicant proposes to share the knowledge that will be gained with other health care professionals and the HCU community.


A brief letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor addressing the above guidelines and a statement of eligibility. Any funding towards travel obtained from the applicant’s department/supervisor/institution should be confirmed in the letter of support.

Submission details

Applications should be sent to: The President, HCU Network Australia, PO Box 7484 BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 2153 or emailed to:

We would like to acknowledge DEBRA for their generosity in allowing HCU Network Australia to adopt their Travel Fellowship Terms and Conditions.
You can read more about DEBRA at




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