HCU Patient Diagnosis Bags

HCU Patient Diagnosis Bags

We are delighted that our HCU patient diagnosis bags have now been distributed to the Australian clinics for current and newly diagnosed patients.

A diagnosis of a rare disease can change a family’s life.  This initiative seeks to provide practical support to alleviate some of the emotional stress and isolation experienced by the individual and their families at the time of diagnosis.

We invite you to take a look inside the HCU Bag.  It contains:

· HCU Network Australia brochure

A brochure designed to give general information about Homocystinuria and HCU Network Australia aims and objectives.

· AccuGo Smartphone App brochure

The brochure illustrates the features and functionality of AccuGo for HCU. AccuGo is designed to ease the day to day management of the low protein diet and is a service provided by HCU Network Australia.

· Postcard inviting patients to register online

This postcard is designed to increase the visibility of the organisation and invite individuals to register their contact email to be kept updated of the latest news and events.

· HCU Network Australia portfolio

Overtime patients and/or parents accumulate extensive medical letters, reports and results. The portfolio is designed to collate all of the documentation so that it is at hand when needed. Tabs include blood results, reports, metabolic correspondence, specialist correspondence and notes.

· HCU Network Australia branded soft plush ‘Hugo’ the rare rhino

For the younger patients our branded soft plush rhino is included for comfort.




HCU Patient Diagnosis Bags