AccuGo for HCU


Some of the features include:

Daily and historical overview

  • Provides an overview of the days running total of protein or methionine at a glance
  • Navigate to the past to see historical entries
  • Historical graph shows totals over the past month
  • Navigate to the future to plan menus in advance Email
  • Email food records by date range, including a summary of average over a specified period of time


Search the database for the protein and methionine content of food including:
  • Preloaded and identifiable data from both NUTTAB and USDA food lists
  • Your own personal food list
  • Community Food List of shared food items within the community


  • Provides automatic real time calculation of related values by entering your own quantities in weight, protein, methionine or calories.

Food Lists

  • Add your own foods and values to the database
  • A Community Food List provides preloaded and shared items you can add to your personal food list, or share yours with the community

Other features

  • Track Methionine or Protein by changing mode in Options
  • Online synchronization of food records between multiple devices
  • Track up to four different individuals
  • Continues to work offline, anywhere regardless of wifi or cellular availability
  • Groups foods eaten together by selectable time periods (15mins, 1 hour, etc)
  • Copy/move/delete entries with ease
  • Built in calendar for easy navigation



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Developed by AccuGo and sponsored by HCU Network Australia for the HCU community.
We would like to acknowledge the contribution by AccuGo and thank them for their continued support in the Apps development. 

While all care has been taken in the preparation of the preloaded food items, no responsibility is accepted by the author(s) or HCU (Homocystinuria) Network Australia Inc., its staff or volunteers, for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may appear.  No responsibility can be accepted by the author(s) or HCU (Homocystinuria) Network Australia Inc. for any known or unknown consequences that may result from reliance on any data provided on the Smartphone App.The Community Food List is a Food List that is contributed to by the community and is not preloaded.  We encourage you to check the accuracy when sharing a food with the community and again when you are using the values that appear on the Community Food List.




AccuGo for HCU